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Leap Day Special

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Thinking about Boudoir?

Ok, so for our first official blog here we thought we would cover what has surprisingly turned out to be one of our biggest markets, Boudoir Portraits. We wanted to post a few tips that will help answer some questions that you ladies who are thinking about having a session might need answered.

If you’re considering going for the glory and baring your soul before a camera, then you know deep down that you’ve got something special going on and there’s no doubt that the one you love feels the same. So once you’ve decided to come in for a boudoir photography session, it really doesn’t matter who you are doing it for: because you will come away feeling empowered and sexy and the person receiving the album will have images of you like never before. Here are some tips to help you have the best experience possible:

  1. First, while there are those that may disagree, Boudoir Photography is not pornography. You will not find any Penthouse, Hustler, or even today’s Playboy type photos taken by a REAL Boudoir Photographer. There are a lot of female curves, implied nudity and dark shadows hiding the important parts. Nudity is not required because if you are not totally comfortable neither am I. However you should think about how far you would normally go and try to take it up one notch more or even better, think how far he would expect you to go if he knew you were doing this and go one step further. If you do this, he will think WOW! You did this just for me! We’ll never tell him how much fun and empowering it was for you as well. 😉 We normally shoot only implied nudity portraits because we truly believe that leaving something to the imagination is more intriguing than just showing everything you’ve got. But we have done an occasional artistic topless portrait for clients that want to push that far. The most important thing here is for you to be comfortable, if you’re not it will show in your images.
  2. You should find a photographer that you will feel comfortable being mostly undressed in front of for up to 2 hours of shooting time. In most cases, women feel more comfortable with a female photographer. Ask to meet with them prior to see boudoir portraits if they have them to make sure their style suits you. It also gives you a chance to get to know each other’s personality so you will feel more relaxed before coming in for your session. Use this time to talk about the session and what will happen during it as well. (See #4)
  3. Collect inspiration photos to take with you. Good sources are magazines like Maxim even lingerie websites like Victoria’s Secret or others. Then bring them with you to your session so your photographer can help you recreate the shots you love. But remember you are hiring a professional for a reason, so most photographers will do their best to accommodate your request but they will most likely put their own spin on the images you bring.
  4. What you should expect during your session with me is this; first you will be nervous when you show up, that’s normal. We’ll look the clothing you brought and talk about any props you want to use. Then it’s time for hair & make-up and determining the order of clothing options for the session. Then it’s time for getting in front of the camera to do some test shots. During these shots I will adjust camera settings and light positioning, we’ll start to talk with each other some more and you’ll start to relax. After a few minutes you’ll start getting into it and with some coaching, you’ll start having fun with it. You’ll change outfits multiple times, thinking I can’t believe I’m FINALLY doing this, wondering why you waited so long and boy is it going to be a fun time when I give this present.
  5. If money is an issue, be sure to find a photographer that offers a payment plan before the session. This also helps disguise what you’re doing so the one you love doesn’t catch on by missing money. Many photographers may not offer this option, so be sure that yours does. We can set up a plan to fit anyone’s needs.
  6. Pick out multiple outfits and accessories like; shoes, stockings, robes, jewelry, uniforms and any props. You should bring more than you think you will need. It’s always better to have too many choices with you than to be thinking, “I wish I’d brought that!” Pack it all the day or night before so you won’t be rushing around after he leaves in the morning and forget that one thing that means the most to him.
  7. As silly as it feels, study your body and its curves in the mirror when standing or lying in different positions to get an idea of what you will look like and what you may be comfortable doing. But don’t worry about any little imperfections you may think you see, we all have them. I will pose you in ways that hide whatever you may be self conscious about and accentuate the parts that he loves.
  8. Have on loose-fitting clothes for at least two hours before your session if at all possible so there are no marks from your bras and panties. If you wear tight clothing, you will have pressure lines that show up in photos when you have even less on.
  9. If you normally tan, avoid tan lines at all costs unless he is a tan line kinda guy.J Stop tanning 5-7 days before the shoot so there are no chances of burns or peeling skin. You don’t want to appear ORANGE so go easy on spray-on tans. Start applying a good lotion at least three days before your session to help smooth your skin.
  10. Shave whatever you please the morning of your session but be careful not to get razor burn, Ouch. Wax the day before to diminish any irritation. Wear a clear deodorant to the shoot as well. You don’t have to wear a lot of perfume either; the camera isn’t a Wonka smell-a-vision, no one will know how beautiful your fragrance was looking at the photos. If you need a little to help set your mood that’s OK, just don’t overdo it.
  11. Drink lots of water, get enough rest the night before and eat something just before the shoot so you don’t get light-headed from the adrenaline rush of such a fun shoot.
  12. Give yourself plenty of time before and after the shoot. Make sure your entire day is free so that you are not worried about time. If you are stressed, it could show in your photos. Most shoots take between two and three hours including Hair & Make-up, remember to factor in driving time, and the time it will take after the session to get home and put everything back where it should be so you don’t give anything away. J
  13. Wear what you already own! It is not necessary to go buy a whole new wardrobe for the shoot. Many times you will realize that you own plenty of sexy items already. If he ever say man you look good in that make a mental note even if it’s just a towel because that is what he would love to have a portrait of. If you really want to buy something new for the shoot, go for a new pair of heels or some really exciting little dress that you can wear during the shoot and when you give the best present ever, you!!
  14. You might feel more comfy bringing along a friend, which is fine and encouraged. Just be sure that you can be a sexier version of your normal self in front of this friend. You don’t want her to distract you, and you don’t want to feel foolish in front of her.
  15. Have a blast! No matter what flaws you think you have, remember that you are a sexy woman! Be who you are, remember this is for you as much as it is for that someone special.
  16. Go to our Boudoir site BlackRainBouidoir.debiwolfepix.com for more information on our services, or give us a call at 812-626-1186

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Hello World

First post on our new blog site, keep looking for new posts coming up.

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