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Well they let us out of MDA Jail on good behavior. We did fall short of our goal but with friends, family, company donations & matching we were able to raise nearly $600 for the MDA for our first time in JAIL. We wanted to say a special thanks to Straub Photography, Routt Studios & Luppino Photography for making donations and being so gractious when we called. It’s great to know that our industry is willing to give back when asked, Thanks again. Just look at these poor mugshots!!!


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Photographing children successfully takes knowing how to break the ice and having a lot of patience. Whether you decide on a traditional pose or a more spontaneous pose depends on what the photo will be used for along with the mood and personality of your child.  

A pose where your child’s head is in a tilted manner or a straight forward manner, or a pose that requires touching the face or placing hands on laps are what we call the more traditional poses. These styles are ideal if you want the pictures to have a more formal quality. A good example of a traditional portrait is having your child sit still (good luck) on a stool and have them look and smile directly towards the camera.

Another way to photograph little ones will be to use angles. For your child to look as if he or she were moving during the shots, and for more casual photos, you have to bring in the angles. A twist on the traditional pose (almost literally) is by having your child sit on a stool with shoulders angled ninety degrees away from the camera with their head turned a little in the direction of the lens, with their hands folded together on their legs. With just a little smile from your kiddo, your shots will be good to go.

Outdoor child portraits are one of the most recommended methods forparents photographing their children. This is because of the natural light. The best time go out usually during the late afternoon and early morning of the day. Take your kid to the park, or even in your own backyard. Outdoor photos will be the ones that show the big smiles on their faces so have fun, and be ready to capture them in a more playful manner.

Choose poses that will suit your child the best and remember that spontaneity, patience, and creativeness are all you need to be capable to come up with photos that show off your child’s real spirit and personality.  Or you could just give me a call and I promise to capture your little ones personality.

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Looking for information for a professional newborn baby photo? This article will cover some practical information as well as some handy tips on what props to use, lighting & positioning.

The best time to take a newborn baby photo is within the first two weeks of life. During this time, the baby is still sleepy and relaxed, and therefore easier to photograph. Make sure your baby is fed before the session. Keep some towels and wipes handy, newborns can be messy.  You may want choose to use a water proof table cloth under your props in case of any accidents.


Be sure to give yourself time to plan for your newborn baby photo shoot in advance, this includes picking the most suitable props. Make sure the props pose NO RISK to the baby. Some effective props for a newborn baby photos include:

  • Beanies and hats
  • Crocheted photography props – you can find these online
  • Wraps
  • Baskets
  • A selection of backdrops – This can be almost anything
  • Blankets
  • Headbands
  • Nappy covers
  • A large beanbag
  • Blankets

Experiment with dissimilar colors and textures beforehand. Also, decide what ‘style’ of photo you are looking for and choose your props accordingly.


Decide whether you will be using natural light or studio light. It’s often better to shoot newborns inside. Try setting up next to a window so you have enough natural light coming in to take your photograph. Try dissimilar lighting set ups and make sure there are no harsh shadows on the face.


Perhaps the most important thing to remember  is to position your baby in a way that is esthetically pleasing SAFE!!! Remember many PROFESSIONAL newborn photos online are digitally manipulated. You should thoroughly research positions before attempting them. Your main priority is to keep your baby safe. Once you are happy with the composition of your photograph, snap away!

 Take lots of shots, you don’t want to miss that little smile or yawn. Try taking photos from a distance as well as close up. The main thing is to have fun! Or you could just give me a call and I’ll take the work out of it for you. 🙂

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Dear Family and Friends,

Debi Wolfe Photography is going to JaiWe’re proud to tell you that we’re going “behind bars” to help in the fight against muscle disease. We’re joining other community leaders to help raise critical funds for MDA, and we need your help to reach our bail!
The Evansville’s Most Wanted Lock Up takes place on 03/14/2012, but we’re raising our bail before we go to jail! All you have to do is click here to make a secure, online donation today. Your support will help families living in our community with muscle disease, and help guarantee that we get out of jail or you could donate so they keep us if you want.We will be sure to add you to our list of contributors.
Please support us in this important goal by visiting our fundraising page and making a contribution. Your tax-deductible donation makes a difference to the hundreds of kids, adults and their families who live right here in our local community.

Anyone who donates a minimum of $25 through our personal page will get a $50 gift certificate to use or give as a gift.

Thanks in advance for your help. Don’t hesitate to call or email us with questions.
Lee & Debi Wolfe
To make a donation online now, please visit my personal page.

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