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Do the clothes make the person? Maybe not, but they do make a portrait. Keeping these tips in mind will help you with selecting what to wear for your Family Session with Debi Wolfe Photography.

  1. Be comfortable: Stick to clothes you like, build your confidence, are functional and comfortable. If you’re not comfortable in what you are wearing it will show in your portrait.
  2. Make a statement: Outfit changes are the norm in a portrait shoot so mix it up with some clothing options that will make for more fun, sassy portraits. If a child insists on having a photo in an outfit that breaks all of these rules, bring it we’ll snap a few and everyone will be happy. Bring along multiple options that that range from formal to crazy to ensure a more broad choice of portraits showcasing real you!
  3. Color and color tones: Dark, plain fabrics usually work best. Avoid crazy patterns, designs and logos too. Clothing with distinct lines, dots and bright patterns can be distracting in a photo. Same goes for shiny fabrics. Keep your jewelry choices simple and minimal.
  4. You want to wear white: OK. While dark, solid print clothes are generally better, there are some rules that are just made to be broken. Let us know that you really want to wear white. It can look awesome with certain backgrounds.
  5. Avoid short sleeves and shorts: If you don’t like your arms or legs for whatever reason long sleeves and pants are a better choice. Also skin tones can vary a bunch on various legs and arms and no we can’t give you a tan. 🙂
  6. Too many choices: You should bring a  few clothing changes but don’t go overboard, two or three will be fine. When you arrive we can look at what you have and decide on an order for them to be worn. If you want to get a “Formal” portrait as well as a casual, arrive wearing the formal outfit. These outfits usually take the longest to get on and you and your family can relax and have more fun after the formal shots.
  7. Props: Bring along a few items that reveal who your family really is. Avoid the fight and let the kids bring along that “comfort” item and we’ll make it a part of the fun!
  8. Dress for locations: If we will be in or near a wooded area, you will want to consider clothing that is practical and appropriate for that surrounding. (avoid Camo 🙂 ) Or, for a little extra punch,really dress it up with formal attire to strike an impressive contrast with the rustic surroundings.
  9. Clothing is a time stamp: Great portraits last a long, long time so be sure your clothing choices will age gracefully in your portrait. Have you ever looked back at images from the past and said “Why did I wear that!?” We have!!! What is a fashionable trend today can easily be tomorrow’s plaid or parachute pants; you know you had a pair, maybe both!!!
  10. Be ready to have fun: Your session will be about you and your family, not our last client. Unless specifically asked for we rarely utilize the same exact place for the same style of session. We may ask you to step out of the box and push the envelope, but only to get you a portrait that you will be proud to display on your wall.

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