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Wedding Bubbles

Derek and Aimee Emmons were married at Epworth United Methodist church in Evansville, Indiana. They are such an adorable, sweet couple and are true down-to-earth people. There is nothing better than a couple that is totally into each other and love to make each other laugh. They wanted their wedding day to be laid back and truly fun! Well, Success! The day was beautiful, sunny and the perfect temperature.

The Tear

The Tear

Like every little girl Aimee has always dreamed of WALKING down the aisle to her Groom and when the pianist began playing the bridal march and the doors opened, there was a single gasp which seemed to drain the room of air. As their guest saw Aimee standing with the aid of her two brothers she started walking down the Aisle to the man of her dreams bringing tears to their many guests eyes (and photographers). The ceremony was lovely, one special moment was Derek softly wiping away a tear from Aimee’s cheek as he then began crying himself.

Their reception has held at the Hadi Shriners Temple in Downtown Evansville where everyone had a great night with the help of the great DJ service from All About You DJ. We did sneak Derek & Aimee away for a couple sunset shots and then wouldn’t you know it the Ice Cream Man came rolling up and we couldn’t resist taking a few shots.

Congratulations Derek & Aimee!

A Beautiful Bride

A Beautiful Bride

Lady killer

Lady killer

Cake Smash

Cake Smash

First Look at the Bride

First Look at the Bride

The Bridal Toast

The Bridal Toast

Skippy and the Gang

Skippy and the Gang

Ice-Cream Man's

Ice-Cream Man’s


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Flowers and RingsLike your wedding dress, flowers are an essential part of every wedding. From the bouquet – to the altar – to the isle – to the reception hall, their vibrant colors and natural aroma seem to give weddings a personal touch. However, choosing the best flowers can be a nerve-racking experience due to the multitude of varieties available. So what is a bride to do, you ask?

Get Help from a Professional Florist

If there is one piece of floral advice that we would give it is this: Hire the one person who knows every kind of wedding flower imaginable, an experienced florist. Trying to do all the research on your own can be very daunting task. It would be more convenient and stress free to hire the expertise of a florist. They will work with you and give you their insights on the various types and arrangements that are perfect for your wedding theme and decor, all the while setting your mind at ease knowing your wedding day will look beautiful! Hiring a person to do everything related to flowers would be a great time-saver to give you more time to deal with the other elements of your wedding.


However, if you would want to take on the challenge of handling all your decorations, but have little flower knowledge, you can simply get instructions from a florist. Obtain the necessary guidance in flower selection and arrangement and then do the rest on your own. (This is what we did when we got married) You can also use your flowers at both the Wedding and Reception if you can find someone to transport them to the reception. We have seen many brides have this done by friends.

Pick up your flowers the day before your Wedding:

Have the flowers ready and delivered at least a day before your wedding, two days would be better. If anything goes wrong, you will not have time to get things fixed. Don’t worry, there are preservation techniques that the florists use so your arrangements remain fresh days after they are picked up.

Choose flowers that are in season

Choosing the flower varieties that are in season not only assures a lot of them but it is also a good way to cut your costs because in season flowers are sold at a lower prices. Having a summer wedding will provide you with the more varieties to choose from. Some of the most popular flowers used in wedding decorations are Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Jasmine, Lilies, Daisies and of course Roses.

Consider Using Artificial Flowers

New artificial flowers are so lifelike that many times they are impossible to tell they are not real, even to the touch. These flowers are a good alternative to use for table displays and aisle runners that may be bumped or picked at by little fingers. Although real flowers can be preserved to last to up to a week, it would be less expensive to use them only on the wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.

Here is a sample list of Evansville area florists: (This is not a endoresment of any single florist and is not meant to exclude any florist/shop not listed)











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Debi Wolfe Photography

When it comes to wedding photography, many Brides have a hard time knowing where to start.  After all, there is a lot to consider when deciding how to document your wedding day.  Do you want full or partial coverage?  What style of photography are you looking for?   Do you want just prints, digital images or a wedding album from your wedding day?

Our job as photographers is to answer all of the questions that you may have and then explain everything we can offer you and finally make everything as easy as possible for you to understand and to make informed decisions about.

To help you get started, we developed a list of a few things to help you with “Choosing your Wedding Photographer”.    I hope that this helps take a little of the stress out of your decision making!


Choosing your PhotographerIMG_8910 (2)

  1. When meeting with your prospective wedding photographer, ask to view their portfolio not just the online stuff ask to see some albums.
  2. I suggest meeting with your photographer at least twice before your wedding day.  First at an initial consultation to see who they are, what they have to offer, pricing/packages and answer any other questions that you may have.  You will be able to tell right away if this person will be a good fit for you and your family and if you’re comfortable working and talking with them.  The second meeting should be an engagement session.  This everyone gets more familiar with one another and you will an idea of how they work and they will get an idea of how to make you comfortable.  As a Bride and Groom on your wedding day, you will be more relaxed in front of the camera if you both know what the other is expecting to happen.
  3. Does the photographer’s style match the vision of how you would like your wedding portraits to look?
  4. Do not compromise when it comes to your wedding photography.  You work so hard, spend so much time and effort to make your wedding look and feel exactly the way you want it.  It’s not worth it to go cheap on photography, remember there are no do over’s!

Now look over our portfolio and decide if we may be a good fit to set up a consultation so we can chat about your wedding day. If you think so, give us a call at 812-626-1186.







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So you think only bad things happen on Friday the 13th? Well, we’re here to prove that wrong.

debi wolfe photography

To all previous customers re-order any print from your session TODAY only for only $6.13 each! That’s over 75% savings per print!

This includes 8 wallets or a 5×7 or an 8×10 sized print.

Yes, you can order any number of prints from any previous session (Wedding, Senior, Family, Boudoir, etc…) that you have already ordered from.


So if there was a print that you really wish you had ordered or one that someone mentioned that you would like to give as a gift now is your chance to take advantage of this limited time offer!

Give us a call today at 812-626-1186 or PM us on Facebook to place your order but remember the order must be placed by midnight tonight to take advantage of this offer!

Oh and watch out for those black cats, ladders, mirrors, and any guy wearing a Hocky mask & carrying a machete!

wedding mosaic by debi wolfe photography   Debi Wolfe Photography Back to school sessions  Child portrait by debi wolfe photography Family portrait by debi wolfe photography HS senior portrait by debi wolfe photography

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We had a blast with Mark & Alice on this georgous day and we were so glad the Sun held on long enough to give us that perfect sunset. Here is just a sample of their day.

Evansville Wedding Photographer

Alone on the Dance Floor

  Lee & Debi Wolfe.

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