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NTInstituteWell it’s finally that time, where have the last 4 years gone? Our daughter Megan is among the first 68 students graduating High School from New Tech Institute in Evansville, Indiana. In the beginning there was a lot of unknown since they were the first and only students in the school. As freshmen they were already upperclassmen/women. They ruled the school with Trust, Respect & Responsibility from the start. They have had 3 principles, seen many teachers come and go, dealt with class scheduling/availability issues and many other hic-ups along the way during the 4 years they have been there. But through it all they have worked as a single student body to grow, learn, teach and inspire. These students built friendships & faith in each other that will carry them in to the world that will make our future bright with possibilities.

Now a little about Megan, she went to NTI with the hopes of a new way of learning, thinking and a lot less drama. What she got was so much more. She found new friends from around the city, opportunities to grow and mature as a young woman, and inspiration from a young new teacher that would change her life and give Megan drive, conviction and a career path to do the same for other children. That teacher was Mrs. Weber, she took Megan from a little girl who was struggling in math and showed her that math can be fun, and even more fun to teach. Megan caught on quickly with Mrs. Weber’s guidance and soon helped show other students in the class how to solve the problems. What I don’t think Mrs. Weber was counting on (ha, get it) was she was also creating a peer, someone who would want to join the ranks and become someone just like her. Megan has gone on to become a member of the Nation Honor Society in addition to graduating with an Honors degree.Megan

When I dropped Megan off at the door that first morning back in 2010 I told her to stop, look around and take in this moment, lock in your brain because you will wake up “tomorrow” and it will be the last day of your senior year. Well here we are, this is the last day of her Senior Year. Today she graduates from High School. Why didn’t I listen to my own advice, I can’t believe this is it, I swear it was only Yesterday she was getting on that big yellow school bus for Kindergarten waving good-bye with so much enthusiasm while a piece of me was crying behind the smile as she rode off.

Megan, your mother and I are so proud of what you have accomplished during this time and want you to know that we are HONORED to be your Parents.

Being a parent on the edge watching everything unfold has been exciting, and nerve-racking but seeing the kids of NTI mature so much in 4 years is a testament to the teachers and faculty around them. But to be one on these “Pioneering” students it must be special to be a part of something that never was before, to take that chance on blind faith alone that it would work and they would come out on top, I can’t even imagine how that must feel. I can only watch in awe as they move forward in life with the knowledge that because of them many more will follow.

I, along with my wife and family want to wish our daughter MEGAN TAYLOR WOLFE and the rest of the Inaugural Graduating Flight(class) of 2014 from NTI a loud and proud Congratulations for a job well done.



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