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Debi Wolfe Photography Are you ready for this? Are you really ready for this groundbreaking, life-changing news? Here we go, be sure to stay seated and keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times, Oh wait that’s for something else. Anyway, here are our tips for you:

Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable.This is the most important! There are a bunch of senior portrait photographers out there, and most of them take really great photos…so you’ve got to find the photographer that you feel a connection with – the Studio who will make you feel absolutely gorgeous (or handsome!) while you’re with them. You want to have fun during your portrait session so make sure that you can laugh with them. Real laughter translates to real smiles and that’s what you want in your portraits. It goes without saying that you want portraits that will be the envy of all your friends, so be sure to choose the photographer that you know will make you feel and look great! Once you find that photographer, make sure you book your session early! Your year book photos are usually due around October of your senior year and photographer’s book up early.

Have your hair and makeup professionally done. For the ladies…in our experience, sometimes spending a little bit of extra time getting pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist gives you the confidence that you need to really get out there and rock your senior portraits! It takes special knowledge and skills to apply makeup that will photograph perfectly, so it’s really important that you use a pro. (Ask us for a list of stylists we recommend) Plus, these are the photos that will IMG_3473forever represent your high school days, so you want to look your absolute best! And speaking of looking your absolute best – if you aren’t the type of person who normally wears a lot of makeup, make sure you let your hair/makeup artist know so they can give you a more natural look. Take some time to do some research and think about the looks that you want for your portraits and then share them with the artist so they can bring your vision to life! If you look your best, you feel your best, and when you feel your best, you act more confidently. Go the extra mile to walk into your senior session feeling confident, attractive, prepared, and inspired.

HuskiesHelp choose your locations. It can be hard to pick the perfect locations, that’s why we like to give our suggestions and get your ideas as well. Once we’re on location we’ll look for spots with great lighting, not necessarily the best scenery (Something ugly might have the right color and fade away when blurred). When choosing your locations, we always try to pick spots that mean something to you. If you love spending time on the river or at a lake, maybe you want to get a few shots at your school – where ever, as long as we can legally be there. But when it comes down to it, don’t stress too much about locations, just tell us your ideas prior to your session so we can work out the details.

Pick great outfits. So you don’t know what to wear? You can do a quick Google search or look on Pinterest boards for what’s in style. Once you have an idea go through your own wardrobe, and put some great outfits together that make you feel comfortable. But remember, what ever you pick out make sure the items are YOU, not someone on-line!  It’s usually a good idea to have at least 2-3 outfits, one that’s formal, another that’s a little casual and at least one FUN – YOU outfit. Go on – get creative, but be real and don’t forget that the outfits you choose should represent YOUR life in high school, no one else’s! See here for a tip from before.

Call us and get ready for some fun. It’s totally normal to be nervous before having your portraits taken, just be sure you’re ready to have a great time, because you will! Once we get the session rolling you’ll start feeling more comfortable and, Spoiler Alert, you’ll start to have fun. By the end of the session, you will walk away feeling confident with a huge smile on your face. When you’re with us, it’s all about you, and that’s always fun!



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Hello 2015 Seniors,

It’s Your Year ~ Make it truly Your Way

It’s your Senior Year. Your time to break free and express who you are: bold, sporty, edgy, daring, sophisticated, simple – JUST BE YOU. At Debi Wolfe Photography your portraits will be powerful and imaginative—full of possibilities—and surprises—like you. So get your Senior Year started by scheduling your Senior Portrait Session with Debi Wolfe Photography. During your exclusive photo session, TWO pros help you create the photographic story that reveals your true self. If you want to beat the fall year book rush, your portraits need to be taken before September. If you live in Evansville or surrounding area, please contact us. We would love to plan an amazing session with you! 812-626-1186 or email at debi@debiwolfepix.com

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some tips on how to have a successful Senior Session.

HS senior portrait by debi wolfe photography

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Attention Class of 2015 High School Seniors! Those yearbook deadlines will be here before you know it! Save some money by getting your senior portrait session scheduled early. Book on or before July 30th 2014 and receive 15% off prints.We’ve got lots of innovative and stylish sets, props and effects to create a look that is as unique as you are.

Call to reserve your session today. 812-626-1186.

Offer expires July 30th 2014. No cash value. Not valid with other offers.

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So you think only bad things happen on Friday the 13th? Well, we’re here to prove that wrong.

debi wolfe photography

To all previous customers re-order any print from your session TODAY only for only $6.13 each! That’s over 75% savings per print!

This includes 8 wallets or a 5×7 or an 8×10 sized print.

Yes, you can order any number of prints from any previous session (Wedding, Senior, Family, Boudoir, etc…) that you have already ordered from.


So if there was a print that you really wish you had ordered or one that someone mentioned that you would like to give as a gift now is your chance to take advantage of this limited time offer!

Give us a call today at 812-626-1186 or PM us on Facebook to place your order but remember the order must be placed by midnight tonight to take advantage of this offer!

Oh and watch out for those black cats, ladders, mirrors, and any guy wearing a Hocky mask & carrying a machete!

wedding mosaic by debi wolfe photography   Debi Wolfe Photography Back to school sessions  Child portrait by debi wolfe photography Family portrait by debi wolfe photography HS senior portrait by debi wolfe photography

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NTInstituteWell it’s finally that time, where have the last 4 years gone? Our daughter Megan is among the first 68 students graduating High School from New Tech Institute in Evansville, Indiana. In the beginning there was a lot of unknown since they were the first and only students in the school. As freshmen they were already upperclassmen/women. They ruled the school with Trust, Respect & Responsibility from the start. They have had 3 principles, seen many teachers come and go, dealt with class scheduling/availability issues and many other hic-ups along the way during the 4 years they have been there. But through it all they have worked as a single student body to grow, learn, teach and inspire. These students built friendships & faith in each other that will carry them in to the world that will make our future bright with possibilities.

Now a little about Megan, she went to NTI with the hopes of a new way of learning, thinking and a lot less drama. What she got was so much more. She found new friends from around the city, opportunities to grow and mature as a young woman, and inspiration from a young new teacher that would change her life and give Megan drive, conviction and a career path to do the same for other children. That teacher was Mrs. Weber, she took Megan from a little girl who was struggling in math and showed her that math can be fun, and even more fun to teach. Megan caught on quickly with Mrs. Weber’s guidance and soon helped show other students in the class how to solve the problems. What I don’t think Mrs. Weber was counting on (ha, get it) was she was also creating a peer, someone who would want to join the ranks and become someone just like her. Megan has gone on to become a member of the Nation Honor Society in addition to graduating with an Honors degree.Megan

When I dropped Megan off at the door that first morning back in 2010 I told her to stop, look around and take in this moment, lock in your brain because you will wake up “tomorrow” and it will be the last day of your senior year. Well here we are, this is the last day of her Senior Year. Today she graduates from High School. Why didn’t I listen to my own advice, I can’t believe this is it, I swear it was only Yesterday she was getting on that big yellow school bus for Kindergarten waving good-bye with so much enthusiasm while a piece of me was crying behind the smile as she rode off.

Megan, your mother and I are so proud of what you have accomplished during this time and want you to know that we are HONORED to be your Parents.

Being a parent on the edge watching everything unfold has been exciting, and nerve-racking but seeing the kids of NTI mature so much in 4 years is a testament to the teachers and faculty around them. But to be one on these “Pioneering” students it must be special to be a part of something that never was before, to take that chance on blind faith alone that it would work and they would come out on top, I can’t even imagine how that must feel. I can only watch in awe as they move forward in life with the knowledge that because of them many more will follow.

I, along with my wife and family want to wish our daughter MEGAN TAYLOR WOLFE and the rest of the Inaugural Graduating Flight(class) of 2014 from NTI a loud and proud Congratulations for a job well done.


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Are you getting ready for that final year of High School? Start your summer by scheduling a Senior Portrait Session. We will capture timeless portraits that will capture the wonderful memories you are creating in this final year high school. If you are looking for unique and modern senior portraits – we would love to work with you. If you live in Evansville or surrounding area, please contact us. We can’t wait to plan your session, call 812-626-1186 or email at debi@debiwolfepix.com

Below are just suggestions, you don’t have to bring everything or even anything we have recommend. We want to capture who YOU are, not who you think you should be for us.  So only bring what makes YOU – YOU, and what makes YOU comfortable!



  • 1 formal outfit (prom dress, something your Mom really likes), multiple casual outfits (skirts, summer dresses, pants, shorts)
  • Try to avoid patterns, plaids, large words (except school attire), horizontal strips.
  • Bright solid colors are great.
  • Multiple shoes to match your chosen outfits.
  • Bring scarves, purses, jewelry, hats
  • If you bring light colored outfits, make sure to bring like colored underwear.
  • Bring a strapless bra if you plan on wearing spaghetti strap or strapless clothes.
  • Bring more items than you think you’ll need.
  • Iron your outfits the night before and avoid folding them so there are no wrinkles.


Hair – Avoid getting a new haircut the day before.  If you want to try a new haircut, do it 1 week beforehand so you can figure out if you like it and how to fix it.  You should also bring any items that will allow you to quickly change your hair style.
Nails – You should have your nails done the day before your session. Your nails and fingers will show, so make sure you think about them while getting ready.  Clean, properly groomed nails will make a big difference in your portraits. Don’t forget about your toes as well.
Makeup – Apply a “little” more makeup than normal (but don’t overdo it). Make sure your mascara is clean and free of clumps. Extra mascara will make your eyes stand out more. Don’t worry about a random pimple or small break out the morning of your session as these are easy to fix in editing.
Tanning – Stop for at least 4 days before your session. Burned or peeling skin is not flattering.  Avoid having tan lines that will show with your outfits.
Glasses – If you can buy or borrow a pair of non-glare glasses or frames without the glass.



  • Try to avoid patterns, plaids, words, and horizontal strips.
  • Bright solid colors are great.
  • Bring at least 1 nice button up shirt,
  • 2-3 collared shirts,
  • 2-3 casual shirts (T-shirt),
  • Comfortable fitting pants and shorts.
  • 2 pair of shoes.
  • Bring a belt that matches your outfits.
  • Bring hats if you typically wear them.


Shaving – Shave accordingly, depending on how fast you get the 5:00 shadow….  If you quickly get stubble shave 2-3 hours before the session to avoid red irritated skin.
Nails – Make sure to clean and groom your finger nails
Hair – You should get a haircut 2-3 days before your session and new hair styles least 1 week before your session to allow enough time to figure out how to style it.
Glasses – If you can buy or borrow a pair of non-glare glasses or frames without the glass.

Things to keep in mind – light colors, tight fitting, and horizontal lines make you appear heavier than you are.  If you don’t like your arms, don’t bring sleeveless/tank top shirts. Darker colors, looser fitting, and vertical lines are slimming in portraits.
Bring some of your own props – Class rings, musical equipment, books, flowers, balloons, sports equipment/apparel, iPod, glasses and shoes…items that make you who you are.
Bring a friend or two – Friends bring a level of comfort and relaxation to you and that’s what we’re going for during your session. Your friends will also know if you are looking and acting like yourself, which is important.
The night before – Get all your outfits and accessories picked out and packed the night before to avoid any stress the morning of your session. Get plenty of sleep the night before. Most importantly, RELAX & HAVE FUN!!  Be wild and free.  No one will see your images until you OK them.

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