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Flowers and RingsLike your wedding dress, flowers are an essential part of every wedding. From the bouquet – to the altar – to the isle – to the reception hall, their vibrant colors and natural aroma seem to give weddings a personal touch. However, choosing the best flowers can be a nerve-racking experience due to the multitude of varieties available. So what is a bride to do, you ask?

Get Help from a Professional Florist

If there is one piece of floral advice that we would give it is this: Hire the one person who knows every kind of wedding flower imaginable, an experienced florist. Trying to do all the research on your own can be very daunting task. It would be more convenient and stress free to hire the expertise of a florist. They will work with you and give you their insights on the various types and arrangements that are perfect for your wedding theme and decor, all the while setting your mind at ease knowing your wedding day will look beautiful! Hiring a person to do everything related to flowers would be a great time-saver to give you more time to deal with the other elements of your wedding.


However, if you would want to take on the challenge of handling all your decorations, but have little flower knowledge, you can simply get instructions from a florist. Obtain the necessary guidance in flower selection and arrangement and then do the rest on your own. (This is what we did when we got married) You can also use your flowers at both the Wedding and Reception if you can find someone to transport them to the reception. We have seen many brides have this done by friends.

Pick up your flowers the day before your Wedding:

Have the flowers ready and delivered at least a day before your wedding, two days would be better. If anything goes wrong, you will not have time to get things fixed. Don’t worry, there are preservation techniques that the florists use so your arrangements remain fresh days after they are picked up.

Choose flowers that are in season

Choosing the flower varieties that are in season not only assures a lot of them but it is also a good way to cut your costs because in season flowers are sold at a lower prices. Having a summer wedding will provide you with the more varieties to choose from. Some of the most popular flowers used in wedding decorations are Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Jasmine, Lilies, Daisies and of course Roses.

Consider Using Artificial Flowers

New artificial flowers are so lifelike that many times they are impossible to tell they are not real, even to the touch. These flowers are a good alternative to use for table displays and aisle runners that may be bumped or picked at by little fingers. Although real flowers can be preserved to last to up to a week, it would be less expensive to use them only on the wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.

Here is a sample list of Evansville area florists: (This is not a endoresment of any single florist and is not meant to exclude any florist/shop not listed)












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Are you still taking blurry pics?  If so here are a few tips on how to fix that!

  1. Read your owners manual: This is probably the most important thing that you can do to take good photos. You should know what each sitting does and what each button controls on your camera. This will not only help you understand your camera but how & where to make changes to any maunal controls you have quickly and easily.
  2. Check your shutter speed: LOTS of blurry photos are the result of a slowshutter speed.  If you don’t know and don’t want to know what shutter speed is, you can use the Sports Mode of your camera. basicly the the slower the shutter speed the longer your camera takes to capture the image. and the longer that the shutter is open the more shake(blur) it will add to the image if you are moving at all.
  3. Focus on the subject: This is another thing that seems simple enough to know, but is another big reason why your shots might be out of focus. Most DSLRs will have multiple focus points to choose from, you should know how to change them quickly(see owners manual). If you have a point and shoot, you may not have any control over where the camera is focusing. If your camera chooses the subject to be something other than what YOU think it should be, your photo will turn out blurry.  Remember to check your owners manual to see if you have any manual control of focus points.
  4. Hold still: I know that this should be evident but you would be surprised how many time we forget to do the simple things in life.  When you are taking your photos, make sure you are holding steady.  If you are standing, lock your elbow tight to your body. If you are having a hard time keeping yourself steady, use a wall, a table, anything the is going to support you and help keep you still.
  5. Get a pod: wether it’s a Tri or Mono. If you are wanting to be mobile then look at a Mono-pod for ease of use with good stabilization. If you don’t need to move quickly or at all then look into getting a Tri-pod to help ensure a stable camera.
  6. Be gentle: Be sure you are slowly squeezing your shutter smoothly, thinking like a  “Sharp Shooter” applies to a camera as well. If you stab at it or press it hard you will be adding a lot of unnecessary shaking to the camer which will translate to the image. Stop breathing when you snap the shutter, just like a sharp shooter does when he squeezes the trigger. (Then remember to start breathing again! 🙂

Now remember, lock your elbow, breath out, squeeze the trigger and get the shot. What are you waiting for, get out there and see what photos you can capture.

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So today’s post has some tips for getting better shots when you need to take photos indoors. As much as you may love taking portraits with beautiful sunshine during warm summer months, it isn’t always possible to photograph outside in the sunshine. Whether it’s too hot in the summer or cold in the winter, it could be too windy or your subject may just not want to go outside when you want them to (insert your own childern here).

Tip 1 – Use as much natural light as possible.

Having natural window light always helps when photographing indoors. Any window can be used depending on the time of day as long as there is no direct sunlight coming through. For instance, an east-facing window will be flooded with direct sunlight early in the morning. However, that same window will be perfect in the afternoon due to a much softer light. The opposite would be true of a west-facing window. The light your windows receive will also vary with the time of year. Look for great little pockets of light around your house and use them.

Tip 2 – Adjust your ISO for available light.

Don’t be afraid to increase your ISO! Most cameras, even today’s point & shoot styles, can adjust the ISO. They also have the ability to handle ISO speeds from 100 to 2000 depending on how much light is available. Remember, there may be some graining at higher ISO speeds.  Play around and see how your camera handles higher ISO speeds.  This is one area where newer cameras are much better than older ones!


If there are any “tips” you would like to see, post a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them in another post. Thanks!

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